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Cheaper cooling at your fingertips – SCA
Monday May 13th, 2019

SCA is an integrated system designed for installation on chilled water aggregates.
It uses the natural process of water evaporation to change the average temperature of the air cooling the air conditioning equipment. Thanks to the efficient adiabatic cooling modules, the industrial cooling system can still work in the highest efficiency range, even on the hottest days.
SCA creates a cool microclimate around the industrial cooling system. Adiabatic air cooling before it enters the system is the fastest way to reduce energy consumption. Ensuring a constant supply of cold air to the condenser not only increases the efficiency, but also helps to extend the life of the equipment and reduce operating costs.
The natural pre-cooling provided by SCA is by far the simplest and most effective way to quickly reduce their impact and achieve significant savings.

The innovative design and the idea of ​​SCA’s work is aimed at eliminating scale deposits on the exchanger fines. Water is sprayed onto the nets in the spray modules, not onto the exchanger. Water jets spray in the opposite direction to the air flow, and the evaporating water is on the nets. Thanks to the use of proven electromagnetic technology, the SCA water descaling system eliminates the risk of calcium deposits. The combination of magnetic interactions and kinetic energy induces the crystallization of calcium and carbon ions in the aqueous suspension. The formed microcrystals have a non-adhesive structure. Once crystallized, they do not settle on other surfaces.

What makes SCA stand out the most is SCA Web and design.

The attachment of light spray modules to the devices takes place using neodymium magnets with a very high attraction force. There is no disruption and breakage of the corrosion protection of structural elements.
In contrast, SCA WEB is access to the cloud providing a constant view of the operating parameters and achieved energy gains. The user receives weekly reports on energy saving, utilities consumption and working temperature.

It is worth noting that the trade offer is unparalleled on the market.

The principle of cooperation is based on the rent, which depends only on the achieved energy gains (confirmed by a certificate by the Warsaw University of Technology) measured by SCA Web – equal distribution of profits 50% / 50%.
Therefore, Users do not incur costs for the system. They only share energy profits from SCA Systems.

Given the current complexity of the electricity price market, reducing electricity consumption through SCA can bring tangible financial benefits with no investment outlays at the same time.
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