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About us?

The goal of our Association is to support  support sustainable construction in Poland

The National Association for Sustainable Building Support (OSWBZ.org) was established on the initiative of companies from the commercial real estate sector, whose mission is to support educational activities in the field of green and energy-efficient construction in Poland. These companies became founding members of the Association.

The aim of the Association is to support sustainable construction in Poland.
This goal is achieved through:

  • promoting sustainable construction
  • promoting sustainable urban planning and spatial planning
  • organizing conferences, seminars, training sessions and lectures
  • supporting cultural and sporting events
  • Green Building Standard certification and education of future users.


How do we work?

Our members have access to unique information materials and knowledge that represents the future of the commercial real estate industry.

Selection of priority actions is decided by the Association Board. One of the main assumptions of OSWBZ is to initiate substantive discussions on the condition of the Polish sustainable construction market,  educational activities and dissemination of knowledge in this area.

Our members have access to unique information materials, and thus – knowledge that is the future of the commercial real estate industry.

Due to the fact that we operate on the basis of close cooperation with our Members, everyone within the Association can propose the subject and scope of studies to be prepared by one of the Committees in accordance with the area of ​​interest .

Depending on the complexity of the issue, the Association develops  submitted topics  with the participation of Members  or employs the best specialists in a given field  (e.g. for industry and detailed studies). 

Topics discussed by OSWBZ include, among others:

  • Photovoltaics – legal and economic issues
  • Quality of the internal environment
  • Water recycling in buildings
  • Trends in sustainable construction development
  • nZEB (nearly Zero-Energy-Buildings)
  • Green FM
  • Green Lease
  • Good practices in terms of BREEAM