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Report Energy consumption in office buildings

The report “Energy consumption in office buildings” is the result of cooperation of specialists from three fields: an experienced office building developer – Skanska , experts in environmental certification  Go4Energy and property managers of the consulting company Cushman  Wakefield. Project partners analyzed data from 20 office buildings in Poland covering 16 buildings certified in LEED and BREEAM systems. This analysis is an open project that will be coordinated by the National Sustainable Building Support Association (OSWBZ).


Research has highlighted the great importance of tenant users in building energy consumption. Thanks to the applied calculation methods, it was the first time that the tenant’s energy profile was separated from the building’s profile. In addition, the analysis showed that due to proper operation, even older buildings, built in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction, can be characterized by high energy efficiency, while maintaining a comfortable working environment.

The report confirms that to ensure optimal energy consumption in the building, cooperation of project teams with managers and technical support is necessary. The pioneering study will create the right tools for ongoing, effective control over the energy management of buildings and for a more complete use of available installations. The next step in designing energy-efficient office buildings is to use the knowledge gathered in the report. Thanks to the analysis of the life cycle of existing buildings, the process of improving prototypes when creating subsequent investments will become easier. The resulting report is also a tool that will help tenants’ education by clearly defining the benefits of building in accordance with sustainable development standards.